Welcome to Kennesaw State University, Georgia’s third-largest university and one of the fastest growing. As KSU continues its rise in prominence, it has become a first-choice destination campus for high school seniors, transfer students and non-traditional students in Georgia and beyond. Kennesaw State, part of the University System of Georgia, now enrolls more than 24,600 students from 130 countries and offers 90 undergraduate and graduate degrees.papp

One reason why KSU continues to appeal to a growing number of students is because of its transformation into a full-fledged residential campus. More than 3,000 students now live in state-of-the-art campus housing, attracted by state-of-the-art amenities.

Kennesaw State has come a long way from its origins as a commuter college 50 years ago. KSU graduated its first doctoral student in 2010 and now offers doctorates in education, business, nursing and international conflict management. We will continue to add master’s and doctoral programs to our academic offerings. As KSU expands its programs and facilities, we also are expanding our horizons. We continue to forge deep partnerships abroad, and our globalization initiatives are increasingly recognized on the national stage. In recent years, KSU has received three prestigious awards honoring such efforts, including the Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization awarded by NAFSA: The Association for International Educators.

Looking ahead, we are committed to leading in higher education. Construction is underway on a $20 million addition to the Bagwell College of Education, which graduates more teachers each year than any other University System of Georgia institution. (Since the mid-2000s, enrollment in the Bagwell College of Education has more than doubled). In 2012, we opened a $21 million facility dedicated entirely to scientific teaching and research. The Science Lab Addition, contains high-tech biology and chemistry labs and solidifies KSU’s position as the largest producer of science and math teachers in the state.

These are exciting times at KSU. I hope you will join us in our journey as we continue on our path to national prominence.

Daniel S. Papp, Ph.D.