In April 2020, Kennesaw State University President Pamela Whitten charged a Presidential Task Force to begin work on preparing the University for instruction and operations for the 2020 fall semester. The goal of this task force is to develop strategies, processes and procedures with the intent that KSU will return to on-campus instruction.

The task force teams are applying a comprehensive and thoughtful approach as they work through a range of scenarios. Task force teams are incorporating input from internal stakeholders and are guided by recommendations from our state’s health experts.

The committees that make up the task force are:

Chaired by Kat Schwaig, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs;
Student Experience
Chaired by Eric Arneson, Vice President for Student Affairs;
Campus Operations
Chaired by Tricia Chastain, Vice President for Administration;
Chaired by Brenda Stopher, Vice President for Enrollment Services;
Fiscal Affairs
Chaired by Aaron Howell, Vice President for Finance;
Chaired by Phaedra Corso, Vice President for Research; and
Chaired by Jeff Delaney, Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

Each subgroup of the task force will look at the specific needs that are inherent in each division and operation and provide recommendations to the president on steps that can be taken to address these issue areas.

The campus community is encouraged to regularly check the University’s coronavirus website for updates on the operating status of the University and for any additional guidance or announcements.