Alumni Build Relationships with and for KSU


Some of Kennesaw State's best supporters are our alumni as they share our story all over the world. They are truly the best examples of how effective a KSU education can be, and their engagement with the University is what maintains the Owl spirit outside of our campuses.

The Kennesaw State University Alumni Association is a critical part of what keeps interest in KSU strong, providing alumni with opportunities to build relationships with each other and the community, while focused on the University as a pathway for engagement. Within the broader group of all KSU alumni are affinity groups who help keep alumni engaged through their special affiliations with the University.

Historically, there have been two affinity groups – the KSU Black Alumni Society (BAS) and the KSU Association of Latino Alumni (ALAS). But now the Alumni Association Board has added two new groups – the SPSU Alumni Society and the Marching Owls Alumni Society – that will provide new opportunities for alumni to interact.

If past activities by affinity groups are any indication, the new groups will have plenty of success in bringing alumni together. For example, the BAS has been a major presence for more than 21 years, with activities such as mentoring students and alumni through the Owl Mentor Network, serving as panelists for the Department of Career Planning and Development Alumni Panels, working with students during Senior Appreciation Week, speaking at special student events and much more. In addition, the Black Alumni Society has heavy social media engagement and sponsors creative events such as trivia nights, panel discussions and professional development sessions.

At the same time, members of the Association of Latino Alumni, which has been active for nearly two years, have mentored students and engaged through professional networking events and are building a solid foundation of Latino alumni leaders.

We can expect equally great connections to form for alumni in the newest affinity groups. There will be excellent opportunities for engagement with alumni from Southern Polytechnic State University, as well as our newest growing alumni group from the KSU Marching Owls.

Whether our alumni are working directly with current students as mentors in the business community, or they are simply talking with prospective students about KSU, our alumni are the best ambassadors for the University as we look to the future. These affinity groups are yet another way we can build a strong foundation for Kennesaw State.

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten