Calling on KSU Community to Participate in our Chief Diversity Officer Search


My first academic year at KSU has been a pivotal time to learn about what is working well at our university and where we need to step up to improve the college experience for our students. In large part, this has meant putting into place a broad array of initiatives to enable us to offer students the classes and support needed to graduate in a timely manner. This commitment to our students' academic success will never waver.

Yet, the college experience transcends the classroom. Input from students, faculty and staff has made clear from day one that we have important work to do to obtain our goals related to diversity and inclusion. I have no tolerance for any form of discrimination or racism on our campuses. In addition, I (like so many students, faculty, and staff with whom I have spoken) have ambitious goals for being a university that successfully embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

To reach these goals, this year we have implemented a number of actions throughout various units across campus. Some will have immediate impacts, while others will require patience as they take longer to enable important outcomes.

Examples of new initiatives include our HR team creating processes to generate more diverse candidate pools to be considered for employment at the university and updating employee onboarding programs to include diversity and inclusion training that focuses on cultural differences. Our Division of Student Affairs has recognized that it must increase and enhance programs that it offers for students to come together to address sensitive yet crucial issues. Our Division of Legal Affairs is coordinating the creation of a university-wide Student Advisory Board to meet regularly with key university resources, such as Public Safety, to share ways that the university can enhance its services and communication with students. And, the Presidential Commissions, such as the Racial and Ethnic Diversity Commission, are working across the entire university to foster a collaborative environment.

There is an opportunity for you to get involved this week as we conduct on-campus interviews for the three finalists for our Chief Diversity Officer. Visit the website to gather information on their backgrounds; attend each public presentation or watch it as it is livestreamed; and submit your feedback on the forms provided via the link on the CDO search website. This will be our Chief Diversity Officer, and this individual will play a key leadership role at KSU moving forward.

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten