COVID-19: Onward and Online


This week, we transition to a new way of fulfilling our mission of providing a world-class education for our students. We do not undertake this lightly, and it is not occurring without planning and foresight. We began working on adapting support systems from the first instance of a direct COVID-19 impact on KSU when we scrambled to bring our students home from South Korea. As we foresaw the potential need to transition to a fully online university this semester, we kicked into high gear to address infrastructure requirements, and then each college dean launched initiatives to support faculty as they made plans to provide online instruction.

KSU has had teams of faculty and staff working in overdrive over the past days and weeks to prepare for this potential transition. Our goal has been, if necessary, to be able to transition to remote delivery in a manner that would minimize disruption for our students. This has enabled us to implement a plan to maintain our spring schedule, including spring break and final exams.

This transition is new territory for KSU and universities around the country. We will need to be patient and considerate as students and faculty work through discovering new ways to communicate effectively with one another. We will need to find solutions to address those potential issues that may prove beyond our control such as overburdened internet service providers or online course platform vendors. However, this in no way deters our commitment to ensure that we provide an excellent education.

To students, I make a pledge. We are committed to ensuring that your education will not be interrupted during this challenging time. You will be able to finish your coursework as planned. We also recognize that these remaining weeks are part of the only college experience you will have. So, we are dedicated to working toward this being a positive experience for you – one where we continue to engage you intellectually and as a member of the KSU community.

To faculty and staff, I offer my sincere gratitude. Many of you are going to emerge as heroes in the coming weeks for the things large and small you will do to take care of students. I already see so many of you going the extra mile to serve students during this unique time without complaint or need for public acclaim. I am proud to be your colleague.

To everyone in the KSU family, please make safety and well-being your top priority. Please reach out with ongoing feedback to help us adjust and adapt how we best serve you in these unchartered territories.

Let us all make this time a defining moment where we demonstrate our very core of demanding academic excellence in an environment where we always put the needs of our KSU family first.

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten