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As Kennesaw State strives to become one of the elite R2 schools in the nation, one of its primary strengths will be a top-notch library. The student-centric nature of our university certainly requires a library system that offers not only access to a broad range of academic resources, but also the educational support programs to allow students to thrive on our campuses.

The effective university library of 2019 requires resources that are available for students and faculty both in person and digitally.

With many academic resources going online, AVP and Dean of Library Services David Evans and the staff of the KSU Library System have kept up-to-date with digital platforms that help faculty members provide learning opportunities for their students. Researchers have access to more than 200,000 e-resources and more than 300 database subscriptions. Students use these resources to access materials to assist with course assignments or their own research, and there has been positive feedback for the 24/7 chat that helps with resources or issues of access.

In addition, a popular feature for the library is the Digital Commons, a repository of published scholarly works by KSU faculty and students that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The Digital Commons hit a milestone last fall when it reached 2 million downloads.

In addition to offering the digital components, KSU has also recognized the importance of keeping the physical spaces of the Sturgis Library on the Kennesaw Campus and the Johnson Library on the Marietta Campus up-to-date. For instance, both library facilities had some renovations completed recently to provide students better study spaces. With a combination of quiet areas and floors that allow for more collaboration, our libraries have much to offer students. The mix of high-tech and traditional study rooms, along with computer labs, gives students the ability to find a space that meets their needs.

The libraries are also home to several events throughout the year that help put students on the path to success. These events, many of which are conducted with other departments on campus, include the Dividing Lines Symposium, a poetry slam, speakers and documentary viewings. There is even a therapy-dog event during this week that helps students reduce some of their stress during midterms. And with the National Conference on Undergraduate Research coming to the Kennesaw Campus next month, the library will be a center of activity with a game room, resource room, lounge and silent disco.

The university’s Library System strives to provide an important foundation for helping students and faculty achieve higher levels of success. Please reach out to our dedicated library staff with ideas on how KSU libraries can best serve you.

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten