Nursing program will double with nearly $9 million gift from Wellstar


A recent contribution to Kennesaw State University from Wellstar Health System is a game changer for both KSU and the state of Georgia.

Georgia is suffering from a severe nursing shortage. KSU, home to one of the state's premier nursing programs, does not have the capacity to serve all the exceptional students seeking placement in our highly competitive program. Annually, the university is only able to accept approximately 20 percent of KSU students seeking to study nursing. Thanks to an exciting and generous partnership with Wellstar Health System, KSU will have the resources available to make great strides toward simultaneously addressing our students' needs and helping to tackle the state's nursing shortage.

Wellstar Health System is investing almost $9 million in KSU's nursing program. This will enable us to double the size of the nursing program from 512 to 1,024 students in just five years.

Wellstar's generosity includes $6.2 million to hire new faculty and staff and $2.5 million for an endowment to provide 50 student scholarships each year. This expanded partnership will ensure that KSU remains at the forefront of the critical effort to educate and train Georgia's next generation of exceptional nurses. We are grateful to Wellstar for investing in KSU and in Georgia. 

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten