‘R’ Day at KSU


Kennesaw State students are offered meaningful learning opportunities both inside a traditional classroom setting, as well as through innovative outside-the-classroom experiences. R Day gives data-minded students a chance to showcase their innovative solutions to challenging problems. On Friday at R Day, undergraduate and graduate students from multiple disciplines will display poster presentations on a variety of research topics, while also learning from industry experts about trends in analytics and data science.

In addition to applying their knowledge to challenging issues, the annual conference is a prime opportunity for students to interact with leaders in the analytics community and organizations that have a need for statisticians and data miners. Using “R” – the widely used open-source statistical software – gives students at Kennesaw State the chance to build professional networks and explore careers in analytics. 

Faculty at Kennesaw State should be commended for their dedication to providing these types of collaborative programs for students. R Day and other similar initiatives deserve special attention for their ability to provide exemplary educational and career opportunities by partnering with professionals in the business community.

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten