Recognizing Student Support Beyond the Classroom


Because Kennesaw State is dedicated to its role as a student-centric institution, faculty and staff work together to ensure that students find success in the classroom. Sometimes this means providing essential academic support outside the classroom. There are several resources deserving special recognition for supporting students as they progress through college. 

  • The KSU Writing Center provides individualized, one-on-one support for all kinds of writing in all disciplines. With expanded synchronous online writing support available every day of the week and an extensive library of instructional videos housed at the Writing Center’s website, KSU students are able to find writing assistance virtually whenever they need it.
  • The SMART Center offers a peer-to-peer resource where students needing help with general education math, chemistry and physics courses as well as select courses in biology, engineering and humanities, are able to work with students who have already taken those classes. In any given semester, the Center typically helps approximately 2,000 students.
  • Supplemental Instruction and Learning Assistant programs are also peer-to-peer resources where students help their peers find success.
    • Supplemental Instruction leaders are KSU students who plan and facilitate free study sessions each week for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. More than 80 of these Supplemental Instruction peer educators lead about 200 weekly study sessions in disciplines ranging from chemistry, math, and architecture to English, engineering, and political science.
    • The KSU Learning Assistant program involves experienced students fostering learning and success in first-year chemistry, biology, college algebra, precalculus, calculus, and accounting courses. The Learning Assistants facilitate the transformation of courses from passive to active environments where students engage with the content and with each other during class meetings.
  • The Digital Learning Innovations team offers online learning support as a comprehensive resource portal for online learners to ensure student success. This includes professional development, academic and personal support services, and technical assistance, as well as specialized tutoring centers within several colleges.

Every one of these programs has been able to continue operating during the last few difficult months, ensuring that students have uninterrupted access to the help they may need. The faculty, staff and students who work in these programs show the kind of dedication that ensures our students remain on the path to graduation. 

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten