Stay the Course with Summer at KSU


Kennesaw State continues to promote ways to help students stay on track for graduation, including boosting class offerings during the summer. While the University is targeting the fall semester as a time for a full return to campus, the summer term will provide students with a robust schedule of classes, with face-to-face, online or hybrid formats available across a variety of disciplines.

Data have shown that students who enroll in one or more summer semesters are more likely to graduate on time. With more than 2,250 courses to choose from, there will be plenty of options during the Maymester or the four-, six-, eight- and 10-week sessions during the summer. Summer classes can help students stay on track toward graduation, earn general education credits more effectively, or help them catch up if they have fallen behind.

Many students will opt to enroll in credit hours in non-traditional classroom settings such as internships that will provide practical experience and impress future employers.

Also, students who receive financial aid — through sources such as the Zell Miller or HOPE Scholarship, the Pell Grant, or federal student loans — can continue to receive this aid over the summer.

Kennesaw State is the place for students to be this summer, whether through in-person or online classes. I urge all students to consider adding one or more courses to their plans for this summer.

Pamela Whitten


Written By Whitten